I am not open at this time for freelance work, but if you're a creator looking to collaborate, feel free to reach out!

Hi, I'm a multi-disciplinary creator,

passionate about news and education.

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Featured project


Subway display mock-up for Good Deed campaign

Project: "Good Deed"

A community service app and integrated marketing campaign, created for AIGA DC's SHINE mentorship program.

Timeline: March - May 2020

Skills: Graphic design, UI, marketing, branding

Please email me (hello@andrealin.me) for my full portfolio, including work from the News Literacy Project and the Investigative Reporting Workshop.


Design Manager at the News Literacy ProjectPreviously Visual Designer


Graphic Design Intern at the Investigative Reporting Workshop, June-Dec. 2017

Social Media Intern at National Geographic Partners, June-Aug. 2016

Graduated with a B.A. in Public Relations & Strategic Communications, minor in Graphic Design from American University, Dec. 2017